About Us

Vision Statement:

Island Integrated Counselling Society (formerly Shore Counselling Society) is committed to:

  • Provide clients with a professional, affordable, safe, supportive, and confidential environment.
  • Help clients realistically assess themselves and their manner of coping and perceiving their world and their actions within it.
  • Ensure clients possess the tools they need to develop new solutions to the challenges they face from the world and themselves.
  • Enable clients to develop healthier ways of interacting with the world, with increased confidence in themselves and their own abilities.
  • Assist clients develop better and more satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their work environments.
  • Deliver progressive and innovative support services to the community through mentoring, education, prevention, and intervention initiatives.

Mission Statement:

Island Integrated Counselling Society is a place of support and growth for both personal and work-place clients. Individuals, couples and families are facilitated to improve their quality of life by attending to their relational and emotional well-being. Work-place settings benefit from the agency’s educational and training role, improving working conditions and collegiality.

What can counselling do?

At certain times in our lives, we all encounter difficult or challenging situations. Family and friends can be a great support yet occasionally we may need someone with more skill to talk to. Counselling can be helpful for example, when we feel anxious, depressed or suicidal, have suffered a loss/bereavement, feel stressed and unable to cope, lack confidence or experience relationship or family difficulties. At other times we may simply want an opportunity to explore who we are and what gives meaning to our lives.

Watch a Shaw TV interview on some of what this agency offers its clients by clicking here.


We do not believe money should be a barrier to receiving professional therapeutic counselling. We therefore accept session donations / fees based on what our clients are able to afford, to a maximum of $120/session. (Session donations are not eligible for a charitable receipt.)

Cash & cheque payments are both accepted. Donations can also be made using a credit card or PayPal on-line (see the Donations page or the right side of this page).

Charitable Donations:

We are a Registered Charity. We accept donation towards any of our programs and services. If you wish to make a donation please go to the Donations page. You will receive a tax receipt immediately, acknowledging your generosity. These donations make a major difference! $250 can turn a life around.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia