Eating Disorders


Eating Disorder Spectrum (EDS) can often be a serious illness that leads to a loss of education, income, family life, and health. It can kill. The costs to individuals, families, employers, the health care system and society is considerable.

N.A.R.S.F offers therapy for youth only.  Island Integrated Counselling is the only agency in the mid-island area that offers professional individual therapy for adults suffering from EDS.

You or your loved-one do not need to suffer. Take the necessary step to begin your healing and to embrace a more full life.

History: In 2011 the agency piloted workshops and one-on-one support services program for adults (see the newspaper article by clicking here). Since then we have worked with quite a number of clients, limited only by funding. Starting in 2014 the agency began to receive some funding from the Province of British Columbia’s Gaming Fund. We utterly depend on donations to maintain this vital service that saves the provincial health care budget several times what they currently give us. Please consider donating your charitable gift.  You may save a life! Whether you are willing to donate $20 or $200, it all adds up!  Some client will quietly be thanking you. You can give by clicking on the Donate button to the upper right. Thank you!

About our resident EDA therapist:

Version 2Brandi Nielsen (BSW, MSW, RSW) is a licensed Social Worker. She has a strong passion and interest in working with persons coping with eating disorders. She has been touched by this issue in both her personal and professional landscapes, and is dedicated to employing and fostering her therapeutic skills in this area. She has completed the eating disorders training through Island Integrated Counselling and elsewhere, had a year of supervised clinical training with our agency (with high praise by her supervisor), has experience in assisting to organize and facilitate eating disorders conferences, and has co-facilitated psycho-educational groups for youth and women with eating disorders.

Brandi’s practice is informed through a client-focussed and holistic lens, where she collaborates with clients to draw upon their strengths. She employs a variety of therapeutic approaches and modalities suited to client individual needs towards supporting them to create their preferred life story, and live their best lives.

If you wish therapy please contact the office -250-716-8888 or contact us. Do not post to this website as it is not confidential.

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