Family Time Connections

Welcome to Family Time Connections!

The History

Family Time Connections (FTC) was created by Shore Counselling Society now Island Integrated Counselling Society with the vision of assisting families in finding ways and time to come together and make real connections while eating, playing, learning and growing. This amazing project was funded through the Ministry of Housing and Social Development, with a ten month time frame, and an office set up in a School District space within John Barsby Community School.

The Team

Four ladies were brought together to make this project happen; Kelly McClure as Project Coordinator with Amanda Jasken, Deena Dunlop, and Brianne Hodgson as her Project Facilitators. This very dynamic group got down to business with a small budget and little to work with, but had big dreams and a whole lot of care for the families of Nanaimo. The unique office environment was like none other that anyone had experienced; it was inviting, filled with laughter and was always stocked with tea and coffee for visitors and the frequent round table discussions and brainstorm meetings.

The Accomplishments

During the project, many connections were made between FTC and other community organizations, businesses and government departments. The FTC vision was celebrated, as the connections made also became connections between the organizations and businesses themselves to create a more easily accessible net of resources for the people of Nanaimo.

Over the ten months from November 2009 – August 2010, FTC held two Free Family Events. The lessons learned from the less than popular winter event were clearly rectified for the summer event, Family Adventure Day and Picnival (we coined this new word by combining picnic with carnival), that attracted nearly 800 people, and the attention of both local radio stations that were in attendance, The Wave and The Wolf. There was free food, free games and activities, and a lot of community support.

FTC was also created a proclamation for a Family Day in Nanaimo. This proclamation was presented to the Nanaimo City Council on January 25, 2010 and accepted. Family Day is now recognized in Nanaimo on the third Monday of February. And that is not all, nearly every other city of BC has been challenged to present a proclamation to their city council’s to create a force to present to the province. The goal is for BC to have a statutory holiday in February, just as in several other provinces in Canada, and many other places around the world that have set aside a day to reflect on our families.

Family Time Connections Newsletter

Our newsletter, Connect, was created to highlight a few interesting things with new themes each month.

On Page one, we have the “Waz up”? section to showcase what is happening in Nanaimo for the month ahead. Our main article relates to the theme and the business or non profit society that we have partnered with and are highlighted for that month. It’s fun and informative. We also feature a new recipe that is quick, easy to make and very tasty! A quick quote to set your thoughts upon and is always complimenting to our theme is what you will find at the bottom of page one.

Page two gives a brief explanation of the business or society that we are featuring that month along with a funny story, some inspiration, and a tool that is fun and easy to implement with your family. Beside that you will find the Connect Challenge that will give you the fire to try out the new tool with a chance to win a prize! And lastly you will find our contact info. Email us and tell us how the challenge is coming along, or send along your opinions, or suggestions for future issues!

Past Issues

Food for Thought Program

Food for Thought was created to generate critical thinking in students while gathering useful information for our developing surveys and workshops, as well as helping isolate areas of need we may not have thought of. Questions posed related to family dynamics, with qualities that allowed students to write freely about their thoughts on families, whether their own or what they perceive to be the idea of family, and even what they aspire to have in their own family in the future.