Recovering from a Loss of Income

What does an agency do when it suddenly and unexpectedly loses a big chunk of its revenue? We’re finding out!IICS-Logo-WEB

Earlier this year we (and countless other non-profits) learned that the amount of funding from the provincial Gaming Fund was being slashed. (Not due to a reduction in the amount of money they are receiving from gamblers.)

Some of the steps we’ve taken to proactively respond to this potentially door-closing move on the province’s part include:

  1. Being sent four practicum students, an intern and a local therapist that can pick up the slack! They will be working with individuals, children, families and those suffering from trauma
  2. Applying to foundations and other agencies for funding
  3. Kick-starting an employee training program to help them function better in their workplace and life
  4. Engaging a crowd-funding campaign to support our critical Eating Disorders program
  5. (Sadly) reduce the hours of several staff members
  6. The Board and staff put on a fun fundraiser event this fall
  7. Restructure the way we receive donations to increase our income
  8. Create a fundraising campaign using Google.  Thankfully it is free to us as a charitable organisation
  9. Connect better with our members and past donors through a newsletter
  10. Encourage people to donate! So far this year we have received several thousand dollars from supportive individuals. We are so grateful!

Some other ideas are being developed. We’re here for the long-term. The community needs us!

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