Making a difference together
Making a difference together

What services do we provide?

Primarily we assist individuals, couples and families move through difficulties and into healthy ways of being in relationships and living life. Clients are seen by a variety of professional counsellors and therapists, each having their own specialties and strengths.

Specialties include working with clients suffering from eating disorders, couples, anger issues, and more.

We run the women’s anger group Frustrated and Fed Up -helping women to turn their anger into courage, healthy boundaries, healthy self-affirmations and a greater satisfaction with life and relationships.

The agency also co-runs Operation Generation, a volunteer-run mentoring program at John Barsby Community high-school that brings together seniors (55+) with youth in a bicycle repair shop environment. This is designed to be proactive, believing that the more we can do to improve the well-being of youth the less we will need to assist clients later on.

We also take on Master’s level practicum students as part of our educational services.

If we believe we are unable to be helpful, we will, whenever possible, suggest other resources. We do not provide 24 hour services, financial aid or medical care.

Fees by donation:

There is no set fee. Clients are accepted regardless of the ability to contribute. We accept up to $120 per session (no G.S.T.); we expect clients to give as they are able. Couples, families, and individuals can apply for funds from the Client Assistant Program so as to access our services. These funds are provided by the Provincial Government (BC Gaming Funds). The application form is completed in the initial session (there is no waiting for approval).

We accept cash & cheques, and session donations can be made on-line (see the bottom of our Donations page).


Monday through Friday with both day-time and evening hours available. Counselling sessions are scheduled weekly or biweekly and are normally of about 50 -60 minutes in duration.


We are a Registered Charity.  We accept donations towards any of our programs and services. If you wish to make a donation please go to our Donations page. You will receive a receipt immediately, acknowledging your generosity. These contributions make a major difference!

More about our group work

 Women’s Group
Frustrated and Fed Up

There are times when life seems unfair and there appear to be many blocks stopping you from doing what you really want to do. You may react by yelling and screaming, sulking or maintaining your cool, feeling depressed, or maybe insulting or blaming. However, chances are your method did not improve your life. By gaining greater clarity about your feelings and expectations, and using these to move forward, you can use your energy to take new and different actions on your own behalf.

Frustrated and Fed Up is a 20 hour workshop dealing with anger, during which women will have the opportunity to explore their feelings; to listen to the messages these emotions bring; and to learn ways to take care of themselves. With the group’s support, you will be encouraged to accept responsibility for yourself and to claim your power to influence your thoughts, feelings and actions.

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 We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia

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