Sliding Scale Fee Schedule

So that the agency might be able to provide services to all, regardless of their income, the following fee schedule contributes to the cost of providing professional therapy.

It is also in place knowing that when clients donate more they also tend to take the therapy more seriously and thus make greater progress.

If the amount listed seems too great first ask yourself what current expenses you could reduce (such as eating out and fast food, a trip/vacation, ways of reducing transportation costs, etc.). Are you able to ask someone close to you (such as a family member) whether they would be willing to invest in your well-being?

If you cannot meet this guideline then download and complete this form, and submit it to your therapist. We want to be able to work with you and help you live a better life!

Please also check to see if your employer provides any employee assistance funds. We do not wish to subsidise profitable corporations! 🙂

Per session

Fee         Annual income

Donation — Less than $10,000
$15 — $11,000-$15,999
$20 — $16,000-$20,999
$30 — $21,000-25,999
$45 — $26,000-$30,999

$60 — $31,000-35,999
$90 — $36,000-$40,999
$120 — $41,000 and up