Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule a/o June 1, 2019

So that the agency might be able to provide services to all, regardless of their income, the following fee schedule is in place to reflect some of our cost to provide professional therapy. Our therapists are professionally trained and are compensated accordingly.

All clients are asked to contribute some portion of the cost of their therapy. We have learned that when clients contribute to the cost of their therapy, they take the therapy more seriously and thereby make greater progress.

If the amount listed seems too great given your current financial circumstances, then download and complete this form, and submit it to your therapist. We want to be able to work with you and help you live a better life!

Please also check to see whether your employer provides any employee assistance funds. 

Per session

Fee                  Annual household income

Donation          Less than $10,000

$20 —              $11,000-$19,999

$30 —              $20,000-$29,999

$40 —              $30,000-$39,999

$50 —              $40,000-$49,999

$60 —              $50,000-$59,999

$70 —              $60,000-$69,999

$80 —              $70,000-$79,999

$90 —              $80,000 – $84,999

$100 —            $85,000-$89,999

$110 —            $90,000-$94,999

$120 —            $94,000-$99,999

$130 —             $100,000+

Fees of $80 or less are partially subsidized by the Government of British Columbia Gaming Fund. Fees of $85 or more, up to $120, are partially subsidized by our therapists who have agreed to work at a reduced rate during this period of rapid (greater than 150%) growth.

In 2019, the Gaming Fund reduced our funds from $32,500 to $25,000 without explanation. As a result, if additional funds are not identified, we will be unable to offer fees of less than $85 as early as November 1, 2019.