Women: Frustrated and Fed Up Group

Angry womanSmAre you tired of feeling frustrated, stuck and/or depressed?

There are times when life seems unfair and there appear to be many blocks stopping you from doing what you really want to do. You may react by yelling and screaming, sulking or maintaining your cool, feeling depressed, or maybe insulting or blaming. However, chances are your method did not improve your life. By gaining greater clarity about your feelings and expectations you can use these to take new and different actions on your own behalf. To take charge of your life!

Frustrated & Fed Up is a 20 hour workshop for women to better use difficult emotions, during which you will have the opportunity to channel your emotions and empower your life. With the group’s support, you will be encouraged to accept responsibility for yourself, claim  your power, and make positive changes in your life and relationships.

The next group will be run on eight Wednesday evenings starting May 2nd, 2018.

Want positive changes?   Just call 250-716-8888 to register!

Anita Chambers

Facilitated by Anita Chambers, our experienced group facilitator.

Payment for the course is by donation (up to $260, according to your ability). We accept cash and cheques or payment by choosing an option of amount on the lower right side of this page. If you use the on-line payment form kindly indicate it is for the women’s group and let Anita know you paid in this way.


Charitable Donations:

We are a Registered Charity.  We accept donations towards any of our programs and services. If you wish to make a donation please click on the Donate button to the right, or visit our Donations Page You will receive a year-end tax receipt, acknowledging your generosity. These donations make a major difference! $250 can turn around a life or a relationship, even save one! Donating only $25 can make a difference! And you can receive a tax deduction, too.